Do you dread a trip to the dentist? If so, you’re not alone.  Whether it’s from a previous bad experience, you haven’t been in a while, or you’re embarrassed about your teeth, we’re specially trained to help put our patients at ease – whatever treatment they’re having.

Dental techniques and technologies have greatly improved in recent years, so some treatments that might have been painful before can now be entirely painless. And we invite our new patients to an in-practice consultation to help get an understand of you as a patient, as well as your dental needs.

Amazing practice, and fantastic knowledge given by the Dentist Peter, when I was having extractions, Peter was patient and understanding of my requirements, I am now starting a course of Implants and feel I couldn’t be in better hands 🙂

Ben Cox

Yet again l have been so well looked after. This week l chipped a front tooth, very unsightly. They made me an appointment very quickly. My tooth was repaired. The repair is invisible and l am so grateful for the excellent service.

lucy costelloe

Frequently asked questions
Nervous patients at Dentique Dental Practice

  1. Yes – so we can help put your fears at rest and get to the bottom of what you’re afraid of. It can help to talk through your treatment too, so you’ll know what to expect at each stage.

  2. There’s lots you can try, from practising a few breathing techniques before the day, to agreeing a ‘stop’ signal with the dentist, to listening to music on your headphones during treatment.

  3. Of course! Whether it’s a check-up or treatment, it can help to have a bit of moral support.

  4. We offer a numbing gel for treatments involving needles, so while you’ll still feel the sensation, you won’t feel the pain.

  5. We recommend our nervous patients book in for an early morning appointment, when our practice is at its quietest. As we’re less busy at this time, it can also ensure we have staff on hand to help you, if needed.

  6. We do. It comes in a liquid form so it’s easier to take, and is administered an hour before treatment. We find it helps our patients feel more comfortable and relaxed before having a procedure.

  7. Yes, priced on application.

  8. If you’ve taken steps to combat your nervousness – such as having a chaperone or sedation – and still feel anxious, it might be worth contacting a specialist organisation, such as Mind.