If you are looking for a childrens dentist, look no further than Dentique. When it comes to dental care, there’s nobody more precious – or vulnerable – than our children. After all, children are constantly growing. Whether it’s looking after those valuable baby teeth or adult teeth that are just coming through. We’re here to help them through those special stages.

When it comes to childrens dental care, nothing is more important than forming good oral habits which will stay with them for life. From talking through brushing techniques to recommending the right products at every age. You’re in safe hands with Dentique.



It’s so important for your child to take good care of their teeth. But for tooth niggles great and small, we can help – from straightening smiles to treating decay. Book your appointment with a childrens dentist that really cares about your health and wellbeing.

Fantastic experience at dentique. Great treatment received would highly recommend. They listened to me well and looked after me with such care. Great staff could not do enough for me!

Lynsey O'connor

I have had many many treatments over the years. My teeth are extremely important to me. I have high expectations and apprehensions of dental treatment.
It is good to walk out once again, more than pleased with my experience of pain free dentistry and more than pleased with the results.

lucy costelloe

Frequently asked questions
Children’s dentistry at Dentique Dental Practice

  1. The health of your teeth, gums and mouth is so important. Decayed teeth can lead to infections and missing teeth can contribute to bone loss in the jaw. We always put the onus on preventative care, which can help us address any problems early. Finally, part of good oral care is having a regular, professional clean and check-up. So it’s important to get your child used to this.

  2. We want all our patients to feel happy and relaxed when they come to us. Nervous patients are one of our areas of expertise. You can find out more about this here.

  3. As soon as those tiny milk teeth start to poke through, we recommend starting brushing – and booking in for a visit. Aside from checking their teeth for problems, it can help them feel more at-home in a clinical environment. As well as get them used to opening and closing their mouths for the dentist!

  4. We can better advise you on this during your child’s appointment, as many factors can come into play.

  5. One of our recommended treatments is fissure sealants, which can be applied once the molars have come through (usually at around age 6 or 7). This coats the teeth with a thin plastic, preventing germs and food from getting stuck in the grooves of the teeth. We also pay particular attention to developing the arch of the teeth at an early age. So that the jaw functions properly and the risk of bite problems is minimised. As well as this, we offer orthodontic treatments, such as braces – you can find more information on these here.

  6. The more positive you are about your experiences and care, the more likely it is that your child will be, too. Our staff are fully trained in dealing with a whole manner of patients and situations, and will aim to make your child feel at ease throughout their appointment – whatever the treatment. Rewarding your child with a sticker after a visit helps, too!

  7. Brushing and flossing twice a day, for two minutes at a time, is a great place to start, but it helps to know which strength of toothpaste to use and how much of it. For children under 3, use a toothpaste with a minimum of 1000ppm (parts per million) of fluoride, and use only a smear. For those aged 3-6, use the same strength of toothpaste, but with a pea-sized amount. Children over 7 should use a toothpaste between 1350ppm and 1500ppm. Children of this age should be able to brush by themselves, but always supervise young children – and ensure they spit out the toothpaste when they’ve finished.

  8. This is a great question to discuss with your dentist or hygienist. Electric toothbrushes can be a great option for many kids, as some come with an in-built timer – so they’ll know when their time is up.