There are many factors that can affect and discolour your teeth. From lifestyle factors such as smoking or drinking, to general ageing. Whether you want a special makeover for that important event or you want to give yourself a smile makeover you can enjoy every day. Our teeth whitening treatment is simple, easy and effective.

Boost your confidence by bringing your smile back to life.

Here at Dentique Dental Practice in Leicester, our friendly yet professional approach has helped us earn a name for ourselves in the field of dentistry.

That’s why we offer an initial consultation for our treatments. Giving you time to ask questions, voice any concerns and get a feel for the treatment and our practice.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to treat those nervous patients who find trips to the dentist overwhelming. Whatever your treatment and needs, we aim to make all our patients feel welcome and relaxed at all times.

Invisalign teeth straightening
Invisalign teeth straightening
Invisalign teeth straightening
Invisalign teeth straightening


We’re experts at teeth whitening, but don’t just take our word for it – browse our gallery and see our smile makeovers for yourself.

My experience so far has been great. I had my teeth whitened last week and Rachel was amazing, made me feel at ease and gave a good, thorough explanation of all the steps that were taking place. Very happy with the results ! 🙂

Amelia Woolley

Had my teeth whitened at dentique. Really friendly and professional people. Happy with the result. Any enquires i had they were able to answer. Overall very pleased

Sam Wright

Frequently asked questions
Teeth Whitening at Dentique Dental Practice

  1. Teeth whitening can help give you the dazzling smile you deserve. The treatment works by lifting surface staining and by penetrating under the enamel to remove deeper stains.

  2. We recommend seeking professional treatment for teeth whitening. Ours is more advanced and powerful than high street whitening products, and you have the support of a fully-qualified dentist during and after your treatment.

  3. Crowns, veneers, fillings and dentures can’t be whitened, so they may need replacing in order to colour-match your whitened smile.

  4. Teeth whitening treatments can last several years, especially with a good dental routine in place, such as brushing and flossing twice a day. It can also help to cut out any habits that cause staining, such as smoking and drinking. And, if you do find that your teeth are starting to discolour again, you can book in for another whitening treatment to help revive that brilliant white.

  5. We always aim to create a white smile that looks natural and matches to your skin tone. It’s rare that the treatment leaves teeth ‘’too white’’, but if this happens, don’t worry – the results aren’t permanent and the effect will fade after time. Our usual rule of thumb is to try and take your teeth a few shades whiter.

  6. Our teeth whitening process aims to make you feel as confident and comfortable as possible. In your initial consultation, we take impressions of your mouth in order to make a custom-made tray for your teeth. Then, you’ll be given guidance on how to apply the whitening gel safely. Finally, we’ll review your treatment after 2-4 weeks to ensure you’re happy with your new look.

  7. Whatever whitening option you choose, there’s a risk your gums or teeth will be sensitive to the chemicals in the treatment, which is partly why we ask you back for a treatment review. Some whitening treatment can affect tooth enamel, which is why we use a treatment that helps protect tooth enamel during the process.

  8. Simply visit our contact page and one of our friendly team here in Leicester will be in touch as soon as possible to book you in for your initial consultation.