Crowns are used as a ‘cap’ over an existing tooth or dental implant, helping improve the tooth’s colour, size and shape, and even its position in the mouth. In fact, they can be colour-matched to your natural teeth for a more realistic appearance.

Bridges are used in cases of missing teeth. They use crowns to anchor over the remaining teeth, with a replacement tooth in the centre to slot between. Whether you need a crown or bridge, the affected tooth (or teeth) will need preparing first, in order for the prosthetics to fit properly.

Invisalign teeth straightening
Invisalign teeth straightening
Invisalign teeth straightening
Invisalign teeth straightening


Bridges and crowns can help restore your smile to its former glory. Browse our image gallery to see how this incredible treatment could enhance your smile.

Simply superb in every respect, so glad I found this Practice.

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Ive been going to dentique for many years. Always sympathetic to what you require. I have very sensitive teeth and they always take great care. Reception staff are always friendly and put you at ease if you’re nervous. Nice atmosphere and stress free. Dental standards are the best and everything explained.

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Frequently asked questions
Crowns & Bridges at Dentique Dental Practice

  1. Crowns have lots of purposes – from protecting or restoring a damaged tooth, to covering an implant, to masking over a tooth that’s discoloured, oddly shaped or had previous treatment.

  2. Bridges are a better option for when there are one or more missing teeth, as if you’re left with gaps, your remaining teeth might turn or move, which can lead to issues such as bite problems, gum disease and bone loss.

  3. With proper care, they should last a lifetime – but it depends on the individual and wear and tear, as well as having good oral hygiene. A bridge in particular needs the support of the surrounding teeth, so it’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy – and to have professional cleaning carried out at our practice, too.

  4. They can be made of lots of different materials, including metal, porcelain or ceramic. We use zirconia for our crowns.

  5. Because crowns are fixed to your natural tooth, they can become chipped, loose or fall off altogether. In the case of chips, sometimes these can be mended and the crown can stay intact. For loose crowns, or ones which have come away from the tooth, these may be able to be re-affixed at our practice.

  6. You may have decay under the crowns of the bridge, or it may be ill-fitting – part of the reason good oral hygiene is so important. You might need special tools to clean them properly.

  7. Veneers can help improve the appearance of a tooth, while dental implants can replace missing teeth. These are both treatments we offer here at Dentique, Leicester.

  8. Booking with us is simple – just visit our contact page and fill out the form, pick up the phone or send us an email.