One of the most common concerns our patients have is around how straight their teeth are. Whether it’s crooked teeth, gaps or overcrowding, or even bite issues, there’s a range of things we can treat with an option for every kind of smile concern.

From the removable to the invisible, for adults and teens, and the fast-acting versus the budget-friendly, our diverse range of braces can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted – with a treatment tailored to you.

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Invisalign Straightening Teeth Whitening


Whatever type of straightening issue, our range of braces can help. Browse our gallery to see how patients have transformed their smiles with Damon, Invisalign and more.

I have been a patient/client of Dentique for over 2 years; had braces and ongoing care including whitening and several other treatments. Their service is excellent, you really feel like the doctors and nurses care. They are reasonably priced and the quality is outstanding. The have access to cutting edge technology and don’t hesitate to use it. Modern and clean environment. Ladies from the reception are lovely. My 7 year old son is also having his check-ups done here and he loves it, especially Angel. You will not find a better clinic!

Gosia Prazeniak

Fantastic dental practice, can not fault the whole experience from the minute I had the first consultation to finishing the treatment, I will be recommending to all my friends.

L Brightman

Frequently asked questions
Teeth Straightening at Dentique Dental Practice

  1. We offer fixed lingual lower braces and Damon braces, and removable Orthocaps and Invisalign braces. Our Invisalign braces are a popular choice, as they are almost invisible, comfortable to wear and offer a teen version, which features a ‘dot’ indicator to show they’re being worn correctly. For fixed braces, Damon are a great option, as they don’t use ties and there is a clear option that’s more discreet.

  2. Both treatments involve using a clear plastic aligner (or set of aligners) to correct your teeth. However, Invisalign uses one tray, worn 20 hours a day, while Orthocaps uses different trays for night and day, with the night-time one providing stronger correction.

  3. These are braces worn on the backs of the teeth, making them virtually invisible to others. They’re recommended for those with larger teeth but may not be a good option for those with excessive bite problems.

  4. It depends on your budget and the length of treatment required. Before treatment, we’ll book you in for an initial consultation to get an understanding of both your needs and the condition of your teeth.

  5. While you may feel pressure when wearing braces, you shouldn’t experience pain. Pressure simply means your braces are working, helping to move your teeth to their new positions. If you have your braces tightened, or you replace your trays, you’ll experience greater pressure for a few days, before getting used to it.

  6. After your braces are removed, or your treatment ends, you’ll need to wear retainers for a time, which will help your teeth stay in their new positions. They can shift after braces, but with regular dental checks, we can keep an eye on this for you.

  7. Nowadays, there are lots of discreet options available, from ‘invisible’ Invisalign trays to subtle Damon braces. With some treatments, people will find it hard to tell you’re wearing braces – and you may find yourself forgetting you have them in, too.

  8. It varies between treatments and duration of treatment, so we’ll advise you on this during your consultation.